Locked Forever 7

Locked Forever 7Net zoals bij het vorige spel wil Gamershood ook niet dat je een swf-file eruithaalt (gaat ook niet want die zijn beveiligd). Dik tegen mijn goesting dus hún link terwijl ze zelf stelen als de raven, maar soit. In Locked Forever 7 kabbelt alles weer rustig verder in het gekende stramien: vind de 10 gele sleuteltjes, nog een paar andere die je nodig hebt, los enkele kleine puzzeltjes op en je bent eruit. Niks speciaals dus.
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Congratulations! Was eff zoeken,maar weer een leuk spel.

Gepost door: Nelleke | 05-10-08

Een muisarm... van het klikken voor de blauwe sleutel...lol!...maar uit!

Gepost door: Sieka | 05-10-08

Enige feedback lijkt mij op zijn plaats With all respect but hosting a game (what GamersHood does) is not the same as hotlinking a game (linking to the flash file itself (.swf) instead to the page (e.g. .htm) where it is embedded).

In fact hotlinking is often considered to be stealing, because you are using bandwidth of the game owners server instead of the server they use to host the game. This can lead to overcharging the game creator their own server. If a game creator or site don’t offers the .swf themselves it is better to use only the link to the page where the .swf file is embedded.

As far for hosting games, there are game creators that don't want their games hosted elsewhere. They usually have enough bandwidth on their homepages and would like to have full control, and also see the statistics. Some of them explicitly mention to don’t host their game(s), others don't say anything. On the other hand, there are too game creators who are very glad if their games get hosted on other game sites, because they don't have enough bandwidth (so that their site freezes pretty soon). A few of them even mention they are looking for a host. And of course there are also game creators that just don't care about it.
So all in all, it's not always easy or clear to know what the game creators wishes are and what they prefer. But I can tell you one thing, GamersHood never hosts a game when the game creator made clear they don’t want that their games to get hosted, and when a game is hosted and the game creator tells him they don’t want that, he will remove the hosted games and adds the original links instead.

After reading many complaints about GamersHood over the years on this site, I thought let I speak up my mind for once.

Thank you in advance for reading,
~ Adventure

Gepost door: Adventure | 06-10-08

@Adventure All good and well, and I understand your point of view, but is it nescessary to give along the game all those stupid adds and pop-ups? Tháts my problem. BTW: you're not that clean yourself, what considders "stealing", no? If you can embed an .swf-file under your own logo you'll do it! So? I don't have any problem by posting the original link as long it stays a little descent (if you know what I mean) and at this point is GH nót an example.

Gepost door: nitro | 06-10-08

adventure I think the mainproblem is the advertorials an d the pop ups. Isn't it possible to have a game site without them? That's why I like Nitro59 somuch: just games, no popups and irritating adds!!
But I'm just an ordinary gameplayer...

Gepost door: Fran | 07-10-08

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